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It’s a never-ending comedy improv battle for the ages.

Two troupes have a set length of time to entertain the audience. After each group performs, the audience picks their favorite. The winners perform again the next week, and the week after that, and the week after that… forever and ever until they are defeated.

It’s survival of the fittest in a world gone mad, and hilarious.



Soundstage 23

Soundstage 23 is an improvised movie musical inspired by a never-before-seen movie title — provided by the audience! All music, dialogue, and storylines are made up on the spot.





Three on a Match
The usually commonplace relationships and happenings in your life are a lot funnier through the lens of heartfelt and weird comedy from the ladies of Three on a Match.


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Fri. Apr 27th, 9:00pm. $5

Improv troupes prove their mettle by facing off against each other. This Week's Lineup: The Champions VS Manic Pixie Stix