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Awesome Austin Chronicle Review for The Kindness of Strangers

The Austin Chronicle reviewed The Kindness of Strangers (our current mainstage show) and had a lot of great things to say about our Tennessee Williams inspired improv show!

“You could taste the distinctive flavors of [Tennessee] Williams.”

“Characters whose interactions and choices have a gravity all their own pulling us to them.”

“This improvised salute to Tennessee Williams conjures his South’s deeply rooted traditions and misfits with style”

Read the review here!

The Kindness of Strangers runs Saturdays at 8pm through August 26! Click here to get your tickets!

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The Wall of Friends

Behold, The Wall of Friends!

These are the non-anonymous buddies who donated $25 or more to the Hideout’s 2017 48 Hour Improv Marathon Fundraiser. Because of them (and all our other donors), we raised over $6,000 for our youth and special needs programs.

We cannot thank you enough for your generosity:

Alan Buttars – Alex Purdy – Ali Meier – Allo Saurus – Alonso Salas – Amanda Chang – Andrew Ancy – Anne Clark – Ben Parks – Beverly Taylor – Bob Ankylosaurus – Bobby Hood – Bonnie Yoho – Bonnie Dilber – Cagney Ortiz – Candace Ohm – Chris Casey – Cory Macdonald – Cristy Salinas – Daniel Ellsworth – Donna Venable – Eileen Alter – Eileen Eiden – Elizabeth Venable – Ellen Pizarek – Eric Peterson – Erin Molson – George Craig – Greg Blank – Huckle Medrano – Jason Hoppenworth – Jen Hill – Jenn Hamm – Jennifer Brinlee – Jennifer Dorsey – John Cartwright – Jon Bolden – Jordan T. Maxwell – Julie Holden – Katherine Duong – Kelly Campbell – Kevin Miller – Kris Raab – Lahari Samineni – Laura Bailey – Linda and Larry Bennett – Linda Hunsicker – Lindsey Reeves – Liz Shelby – Marcone Cangussu – Mary Hamm – MC Harold – Nicholas Marino – Patti Stiles and Christof – Richard Slaughter – Rocky Lane – Ryan Hill – S Tim Casey – Sarah Swofford – Scott Dickerson – Sean Hogan – Shawn Kyle Tyson – Steve Zehner – Tatiana Jitkoff – Terry Woodroffe – Tim Coyle – Todd Fox Hart – Topping Haggerty – Tracey Rideout – Trent Thomson – Virginia Rogers – Wendy Salome

( Our donation page is still active, and it’s not too late to get your name on the wall: http://gofundme.com/improvmarathon )

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